Top tips to instantly boost User Engagement 번역 및 요약

User engagement

User Engagement Metrics

Calculating your customers

Tip #1: Wow your users with the first impression 😲

Tip #2: Welcoming Your New Users 🥳

Tip #3: Only develop features that your users 🛠

Tip #4: Onboard your users like how Robert Kelly Slater boards to his surfboard 🏄🏻‍♀️

Tip #5: Offer relevant content and friendly design 🙂

Tip #6: Announce new features and upgrades in-app 📢

Tip #7: Interact with your users during the trial period 💬

Tip #8: Improve your product and keep users happy 😍

Tip #9: Use UX Writing to Provide Strong and Contextual Message ☑️

Tip #10: Collect feedback from your users 🗣

Tip #11: Send emails based on in-app behavior 📧



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